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This is one of the most authoritative and extensive collections of preservation information available online.There are nearly half a million words. Dozens of the leading experts and specialists in the field of historic preservation have contributed to the Preservation Briefs series over the past 20 years, including John Leeke. Their knowledge is now easily avaliable for your own personal or professional use.

The complete text of briefs 1-41 is available. Browse any brief by clicking on a title below. The search feature is now available (Boolean keywords and, not, or, and parentheses are allowed for bolean searches).

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The Preservation Briefs are a series of publications which assist owners and developers of historic buildings in recognizing and resolving common preservation and repair problems prior to work. The publications cover professional methods and techniques for preserving, improving, restoring, and maintaining historic properties. Preservation Briefs are published in print by the National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services.

The Briefs are especially useful to Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program applicants because they recommend those methods and approaches for rehabilitating historic buildings that are consistent with their character. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation (36 CFR 67) may be found in Laws and Regulations.

The Preservation Briefs have been produced over a 20-year period by the National Park Service under differing Division names, including Technical Preservation Services, Preservation Assistance ,and, in 1996, Heritage Preservation Services. Chiefs of the Division who have overseen development of the Briefs during its history have included their originator, Lee H. Nelson, FAIA; H. Ward Jandl; and E. Blaine Cliver. de Teel Patterson Tiller is currently Chief of the Heritage Preservation Services Division, National Center for Cultural Resource Stewardship and Partnerships, Washington, D.C.

The Preservation Briefs are offered in "text only" format. The illustrations and captions are not included. In some cases, the helpful charts remain. It is important to note that the Preservation Briefs are available in a printed format, with illustrations.

To get information about ordering the printed, illlustrated version of the Preservation Briefs, contact Heritage Preservation Services, National Park Service, P.O. Box 37127, Washington, D.C. 20013-7127. Or call the HPS Information Desk at (202) 343-9583; or FAX (202) 343-3803. Or email at hps-info@nps.gov